Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Basic Self-Defense Class for Women
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The RAD Classes Offered in Charlottesville, Virginia
The National Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Program is an empowerment-based course, designed to counter the stereotype that women are defenseless against an attacker. This course challenges women to view themselves in "non-traditional" ways, and discover their physical strengths and abilities to use their bodies as weapons.

What do you learn in this class?
This class lasts for 15 hours. The first three hours include a discussion about increasing awareness, risk reduction and assertiveness training. The rest of the class covers learning different physical defense moves, such as getting out of certain holds, learning how to strike, kick, and defend yourself from the ground. Much of the class is spent practicing these moves full strength on kick bags and pads, with the goal of making self-defense instinctual. There is also the option of realistic simulation, which entails a fully padded instructor reenacting attacks so students can apply the moves learned to a live person.
When is the next class?
Next class will start on Thursday, October 8,2009, 6-9pm. and will run on the next four Thursdays, same time. Pre-registration is required.

About the Instructor
Lisa Speidel is a certified Basic and Advanced RAD Instructor, who has been teaching classes for 15 years to both women and girls in the Charlottesville, Virginia community. She works closely with other RAD instructors in the area to implement quality classes. If you are interested in a RAD class but are not in the Charlottesville area, or would like more information about RAD Systems go to:

Contact information
For more information about the class contact Lisa Speidel at 434-961-7738 or e-mail at